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Business Area

As a parent company of Hanyu Group, Hanyu is making a leap forward to emerge as a global company by expanding business area from bunkering, shipping, oil storage, aircraft fueling, sale of jet fuel and trading to petroleum-related business.

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On the back of accumulated advanced technology, Hanyu has gained trust from customers at home and abroad by establishing perfect supply system and providing appropriate quality bunkering services in time as a bunkering specialist that can supply all types of fuel oil (HSFO, HSDO, LSFO & LSDO) to all ports. It is the Korea’s only bunkering specialist that can supply all types of oil (HSFO, HSDO, LSFO, LSDO) to all ports. MORE


Hanyu operates fleets of petroleum product carriers (light oil & heavy oil), chemical tankers and asphalt carriers while making ceaseless efforts to emerge as a world-wide maritime logistics company with further enhanced service infrastructure on the back of replacement of old ships, expansion of fleets, enhancement of ship safety management, acquisition of diversified customers and improvement of service. Hanyu is making ceaseless efforts to realize a worldwide shipper. MORE

Oil Tank

Starting with installation of Pohang Oil Tank Terminal in 1974, the company acquired Oil Tank Terminal for the first time as a fueling company and established Gwangyang Oil Tank Terminal in 1986. It is currently operating Gwangyang Logistics Center based on infrastructure aimed to supply fuel oil to ships entering and exiting surrounding ports. It is equipped with infrastructure that can supply fuel oil used in ships. MORE

Fueling and
Sale of Jet
Aircraft Fuel

Hanyu is providing aircraft fuel supplied by refiners to airplanes at home and abroad by using hydrant fueling facilities or special fueling equipment (Servicer, Refueler).
The company has provided jet aircraft fueling services and sold fuel oil in Cheongju International Airport while supplying fuel to all airplanes arriving at the Cheongju International Airport, and it can sell and deliver jet aircraft fuel at any place in Korea through the use of refuelers.
The company provides jet aircraft fueling services and sells jet aircraft fuel oil while delivering refuelers nationwide. MORE


Hanyu not only provides fuel oil used in ships all over the world at competitive prices based on close relationships with major refiners, multinational traders, brokers and local Physical Supplier but it also realizes a full service including after sale service as a bunkering specialist worthy of its name. The company provides full services including fueling in other areas, arrangement services and after-the-fact treatment. MORE

Business Location

The company is operating five domestic branches and three consignment offices in an effort to push for continuous enhancement of competitiveness on the back of economic and effective management.

Ethical·Safe management

Hanyu is a leading company pursuing safety, sanitation, quality and environmental management system.

Ethical·Safe management

It provides the best services to customers by pursuing safety, sanitation, quality and environment management system and complies with ethical safety management by securing safety of ships and human lives and doing its utmost to preserve environment.

Value management

It is providing the best service as a leader in the energy service sector.

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Date of posting: April 28, 2016